TruBrain Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY TruBrain Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Michael Young

TruBrain is a lineup of supplements created by some neuroscientists. All of the products are nootropic and promise to improve mental clarity, attentions, memory and focus. The company claims to use scientifically proven components, from magnesium to Theanine. This lineup has been manufactured in the USA since 2012. Tru Brain is based in California. But do they work as advertised? TruBrain products are very expensive but does the price tell of the quality? Are Tru Brain supplements really as powerful as promised? Today, we will try to answer these questions.

So, the company was founded four years ago by a group of neuroscientists who were interested in the advancements in the nootropic field and decided to make their own supplements. Today, TruBrain manufactures nootropic capsules and a lineup of Think Drinks. As the latter are the first nootropic drinks in the world there is lack of evidence proving their effectiveness and safety. There is an official website but it has little information on the ingredient description and possible side effects.

Ingredients of TruBrain - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

TruBrain uses a great variety of ingredients; however, it remains unknown whether they are appropriately combined. Besides, they may be allergic and even harmful for human health or patients with certain chronic diseases. Let us have a look at the main ingredients contained in these supplements.


The first one is Piracetam which has been known as a cognitive enhancer. It is said not to be broken down like caffeine and to help in the process of information processing. The only disadvantage of this component is that it can cause a number of side effects. Acetyl L-Carnitine is another ingredient used in TruBrain products that is an antioxidant. It is claimed to convert fatty acids into energy but this fact has not been scientifically proven. CDP-Choline is a form of choline that takes part in building and repairing cell membranes but it does not necessarily mean that it improves memory, attention, and learning, as the manufacturer says.

DHA is an Omega 3 fatty acid that is said to decrease the damage of cell membranes. However, in reality it is like a vitamin, no more. It cannot be used for the treatment of any condition. Excessive amounts of this component can be even harmful for human health. Magnesium is involved in protein synthesis and cell metabolism. Its high doses reduce stress and change neuronal excitability for cell communication. Besides, Magnesium should be used for a long period before you see any effect. L-Theanine is an antioxidant and amino acid that is promised to decrease stress and promote relaxation. However, this component can cause a number of adverse reactions that will be discussed later in this review.

According to the manufacturer, Pramiracetam enhances learning, attention, and memory, benefits creativity and cognitive functioning. However, it is nothing more than a claim which is not backed by any research. Tyrosine is an amino acid that contributes to alertness, increases energy levels and raises mood. Be aware that this ingredient can contradict with some medicines for the treatment of diabetes, heart diseases as well as antidepressants. Oxiracetam has the same cognitive benefits as Piracetam, so it is unknown why it is added to TruBrain products. The latter contain also sweeteners; however, they do not help very much to hide the awful taste of the supplements. Drinks are especially disgusting. The manufacturer uses seven different natural sweeteners, including Stevia, pomegranate, blue agave, sugar cane, cranberry, and monk fruit.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of TruBrain products does not mention any possibility of experiencing side effects or adverse reactions. Usually, such silence means that something important is hidden. There may be some potential dangers or wrong dosage, or health restrictions. In fact, as a specialist I can say that these supplements should not be used by people under age, pregnant and breastfeeding ladies, patients with chronic diseases, allergic reactions or unusual health conditions. I have made a thorough research of possible side effects and this is what I have found.

One of the main products' component, Piracetam, has not received enough scientific study and laboratory research, but it can cause some side effects. These can include feeling shaky or nervous, weight gain, headaches, and sleepiness. Another ingredient, L-theanine, can also be dangerous due to its side effects. Users report of several adverse reactions namely dizziness, headache, and GI symptoms.

TruBrain needs to undergo more testing because it may be toxic. Overall, there are some negative customer testimonials online. Most of them complain of mood swings, decreased motivation, increased irritability, headaches and, certainly, high price. Let us have a look at some of the users' reviews on the Internet.

"TruBrain does not offer a magic pill. To feel mentally healthy you will need to not only swallow these pills, but have enough sleep, not to overwork and get enough rest. Nevertheless, here we face a question - do we really need these pills? I doubt this."

"I am not satisfied with Tru Brain drinks. First, they taste awfully, secondly, they make me gag. I will not order them anymore. A product for such a high price should at least taste well! I do not recommend it."

"My experience of using Trubrain is terrible. On the first day I took the capsules, I felt a little bit dizzy. I did not pay attention to such a thing thinking that could be due to alcohol consumption the previous day. However, the next day that symptom repeated. Now I am afraid of drinking the stuff."

Where To Buy TruBrain?

TruBrain products can be bought from the official website. Both the Think Drinks and The Original have the same price. Month-to-month subscription costs $125 per month; quarterly subscription costs $112 per month, while annual subscription costs $85 per month. If you choose the last alternative, you are expected to pay $1020 for twelve months.

My Final Summary

I do not think that TruBrain can take proper care of your mental health as it has a great number of disadvantages. It has the benefits of coffee, nothing more. Besides, the products are high-priced in comparison to other nootropic supplements. Besides, you are never sure of the quality of ingredients in this or that product. As all Think Drinks and TruBrain capsules based on Piracetam, they are not as effective as advertised because Piracetam is a too weak component. I advise you to look for a more effective nootropic that is affordably priced.

Affordable Alternative

TruBrain is not the best option for you to choose if you want to improve memory and support your health. There are many other alternatives which use some other approaches towards the problem. I study different products and I can say that one of them is worth your attention. It is NooCube. I recommend you reading my review about NooCube. You will get hope for future with it!