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Phenylpiracetam Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Phenylpiracetam Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Michael Young

Phenylpiracetam is a supplement which producer claims that this product is able to improve your memory and learning capacity as well as other cognitive functions.

Moreover, Phenylpiracetam promises to provide its users with tolerance and stamina during exercise. Phenylpiracetam supplement has been created in Russia. Nowadays it is becoming available in the west too.

What exactly is Phenylpiracetam and how can it help you in reaching your goals? This review is going to give you all necessary information after making our own research and discovering whether everything the supplement promises is true or false.

Ingredients of Phenylpiracetam - How Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Let's look inside the bottle now. It will help to find out how Phenylpiracetam works and if it can provide you with the claimed benefits or it is going to turn out to be a scam.


As it is known, its key ingredient is Phenylpiracetam. It means Piracetam plus a phenyl group attached. There are also several additional ingredients which contain: Silicon dioxide, cellulose, gelatin, magnesium stearate using vegetable source.

So first of all, let's study how Phenylpiracetam works. It is just a molecule with Piracetam attached. How can its formula be helpful for your cognitive functions? It claims to cross through blood brain barrier easily and to stimulate neurotransmitters. Why is it important? Neurotransmitters are responsible for the brain activity and improvement of cognitive functions as well.

But what effects can you experience after taking it? This product works more like a stimulant which might be effective for improving your concentration level. This means that it can be really good for the following target audience: casual workers or students who have to accomplish some task quickly and easily. But this also means that this supplement can provide its user only with the short-term effect. It is not suitable for serious problems with your brain function. One more issue that must be taken into account is that Phenylpiracetam might be a supplement causing an addiction. You should remember that tolerance to the psychostimulatory effects can appear very quickly. There is only one way out - to use the supplement only several times a week.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects

All of us prefer finding out some information before buying a product. And this is understandable because nobody wants to spend money on inefficient product with side effects which can be really harmful for you. That's why here we are going to describe which side effects you might get if you don't consult your pharmacist before taking the supplement.

There is a list of the most common side effects which have been reported by the users of phenylpiracetam. They include:

  • Depression - according to some users you can feel depressed
  • Insomnia - Phenylpiracetam acts as a mild psychostimulant, that's why it causes problems with sleep disturbances
  • Headache - this side effect usually occur if you take the larger dose than it is recommended
  • Excess sweating - almost all stimulants have this side effect because they influence the the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for this.
  • Confusion - high doses of the supplement can lead to confusion symptoms
  • Irritability and anxiety - these two side effects have been reported by some users if Phenylpiracetam

And now reviews of those who have already tried Phenylpiracetam:

"I can't recommend this supplement because it claims more than it is able to offer you. It might have only a mild effect and it is not suitable for more serious brain health problems. Moreover, I had insomnia and headaches after taking the Phenylpiracetam"

"I have bought phenylpiracetam and took it for several weeks but didn't notice any visible results. I think the reason is that this supplement doesn't work in chronic conditions. You should better find some strong brain boosting supplement instead of Phenylpiracetam"

"Phenylpiracetam is just one more scam because I expected better results after such a long intake. It can't be called the revolutionary product because the ingredients are common and the active ingredient is just one substance which isn't as powerful as the producer claims"

Where To Buy Phenylpiracetam?

Recently you have had the possibility to find this product both at Amazon, GNC and Walmart. But now they aren't available there since they have been banned on both sites. This is really strange and can mean that this supplement is not worth buying because of its not so high quality. But if you want to try if it can work for you, you should check the official website of its producer.

My Final Summary

To tell the truth, it is difficult to say that this supplement is bad or good because there is not enough research with the evidence that it works properly. But it can't be called just a scam because according to some reports it can have mild effect for some not chronic or serious conditions. This means you should look for the better one if you know that you have some health problems that can't be solved with Phenylpiracetam.

The long-term use doesn't give you any guarantees that you can avoid these negative side effects. But the advantage is that the product doesn't cause any too serious side effects which can lead to the fatal effects. In conclusion, it can be admitted that the product doesn't deserve to be one of the best brain boosters but it can be helpful for some mild conditions. As there are really a great number of brain cognitive boosters nowadays, then why to pay for the mild one and not choose some strong enhancement supplement? Think twice before purchasing the product which hadn't been approved by some trustworthy study!

Affordable Alternative

Phenylpiracetam is not the best option for you to choose if you want to improve memory and support your health. There are many other alternatives which use some other approaches towards the problem. I study different products and I can say that one of them is worth your attention. It is Noocube. I recommend you reading my review about Noocube. You will get hope for future with it!

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