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Coco Loko

Legal Lean Coco Loko is a functional dietary supplement containing raw cacao. It is formulated to increase your energy levels, enhance your mental abilities, increase your mood and enhance your wellness in general. There is limited information about the manufacturer of this product; however, there is an official website that does not appear to be informative enough. It contains only loud claims about Legal Lean Coco Loko... read more

Brainz Power

Brainz Power is a natural nootropic supplement that claims to boost productivity, memory, and focus of its users. Most nootropic supplements available in the market today tend to contain stimulants like caffeine, but Brainz Power is caffeine free. This nootropic product promises to enhance neurological processing and cognitive speed... read more

Focus ZX1

Focus ZX1 is another memory enhancer available on the market that promises to give the user better cognitive strength and fast learning power. Since it is designed to boost your concentration and improve your brain function it works by providing your brain with the necessary minerals and vitamins... read more

Botanic Choice

Botanic Choice has been one of the most popular nutritional supplement retailers in the USA since 1910. The company's history began from the foundation of Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc by Joseph E. Meyer. The company was a result of the specialist's passion for plants and herbs. His knowledge of printing allowed him to create a printed catalog of herbal remedies... read more

Neuro Shred

Neuro Shred is a supplement that includes a combination of ingredients that are claimed to increase the user's vitality, metabolism, and energy levels. The core purpose of the product is to improve your performance and strengthen your physique by maximizing training. It also claims to improve the user's focus on shedding undesired weight... read more


BrainQuicken is a health dietary supplement specially designed to improve athletic performance, focus, memory, and study skills in the users. This brain enhancement product uses the same treatment method as other brain boosters available on the modern market. The product operates under a brand name BodyQuik. The manufacturer of the supplement bears the same name as the product... read more

Etherium Gold

Etherium Gold is a monatomic gold product which claims to effectively improve brain function; however, it still needs more scientific research. It is purified from the ancient sea bed that was determined by the geologists. It is considered to be the site of a meteorite about 11,600 years ago. This supplement is also known as white gold, or ORMES and ORMUS as acronyms... read more


L-Theanine is an amino acid that is usually not found in the common diet and is deemed a nondietary amino acid similar to L-Citrulline or L-Ornithine. It is structurally similar to glutamine and neurotransmitters that are produced from it (glutamate and GABA). It can reach the brain and start working almost immediately after ingestion. Its properties make it a relaxing agent without sedation... read more

Limidax XR

Limidax XR is a brain booster that promises to improve your concentration, focus, and memory. The supplement uses a blend of natural ingredients like Vinpocetine, Niacin, Synephrine Caprylate, Yohimbine, Green Tea Extract (Caffeine + L-Theanine), Nettle Leaf Extract, Phenethylamine HCL, and Glucuronolactone. According to the official website of the product, it was reviewed by doctors... read more

Nordic Naturals DHA

Nordic Naturals DHA is a powerful dietary supplement based on fish oil. It is specially created for children, pregnant women, and teenagers. This product provides essential nutrients that help to improve mood, cognitive function, and nervous system health. The product gets its nutrients from deep sea anchovies and sardines, delivering a mix of DHA and EPA, essential omerga-3s... read more

Prevagen Extra Strength

Prevagen Extra Strength is a memory-boosting dietary supplement that uses and extracts from jellyfish known as apoaequorin. According to the official website, this component is clinically proven to help with mild memory complications in the aging population. The manufacturer makes the bold statement that it can significantly improve memory. It is a well-known fact that the human brain starts to fail around the age of 40... read more


Ceraplex is a natural dietary product designed to protect the human brain from toxins and stresses. It also allows the brain to protect itself from mitochondrial dysfunction and the build-up of metabolic by-products. The formula is claimed to slow down the aging process of the brain by enhancing its defense against such harmful substances as free radicals... read more


Ciltep is a natural nootropic dietary product that includes forskolin and artichoke extract to induce long-term potentiation or LTP. This is a neuroscience term, which means strengthening of synapses based on certain patterns of brain activity. It is currently clinically researched. The supplement is claimed to be a healthy way to proper focus, improved memory, alertness, motivation and good mood throughout the day... read more


Memory related issues have become a common phenomenon among modern people which were reported to result from several factors including illness, aging, stress and some brain disorientations. Major concerns include problems with memory, focus, mood, concentration and the speed of processing information by the brain. Iluminal is a new nutritional supplement that claims to be designed with the goal to enhance memory, brain sharpness... read more

IQ Genex

IQ Genex is a nootropic dietary supplement that is meant to boost your memory, focus and concentration. The product promises to boost your mental function in a natural way, since its formula is made from natural ingredients. IQ Genex is claimed to show effect for up to six hours after taking it. The supplement has a minimal effect on the human central nervous system but it still facilitates processing of information... read more

Neuro XR

Neuro XR is a nootropic supplement made with a unique formula to increase your brain's performance fast and effectively, as the manufacturer promises on the official website. Unlike other nootropics you have probably seen, this product is claimed to work as promised. As soon as you start using the supplement; you will see significant improvements in your focus, concentration, and memory and thinking power... read more

Prenatal DHA

Prenatal DHA is a health supplement that is meant to improve the health of pregnant women and their future babies. At the same time, it can be used by people of all ages and genders to improve their mental performance. Its manufacturer claims that the product can be beneficial for fetal development, having a positive impact on the size and weight of the future baby... read more


NeuroGum is said to be more than just a brain supplement due to the new nootropic that contains a patented blend of l-theanine, caffeine, and B vitamins. This is a cold-compressed product that delivers these ingredients through a gum with a mint flavor. It is free from aspartame, according to the manufacturer. As you chew, the formula is claimed to be scientifically proven to boost your concentration and focus... read more

Power Thought

Power Thought is a dietary product that is advertised as a blend of highly researched and advanced ingredients for cognitive and memory enhancement benefits. It is a synergistic formula containing vital nutrients for the human brain. The company behind this supplement is called Bluebonnet Nutrition... read more

Advantages of Neuroprotective Drugs

Many people nowadays complain of having memory problems. These issues are common not only among women but also among the representatives of the "strong sex". A considerable part of modern people forget about a lot of things at present, for instance, where they have left their telephone or purse... read more

Benefits of Neuroprotective Agents

Neuroprotective agents are substances which are widely used nowadays to preserve proper brain function and structure. Neurodegeneration occurs when the brain is exposed to mitochondrial dysfunction, high levels of oxidative stress, inflammation, different forms of neurotoxicity and protein deficiencies... read more

Neuroprotective Agents for the Treatment of An Ischemic Stroke

An ischemic stroke is a widely spread disease nowadays. It is faced by millions of older people all over the world. However, it has become a widely spread phenomenon among younger patients as well. An ischemic stroke occurs when a cerebral vessel is shut by a thrombus... read more

Neuroprotective Drugs of the New Generation

Most of the world's population, especially those living in big cities, are exposed to constant environmental and emotional stress. It is proved that stress is not harmless to the human body. It is a risk factor for many cardiovascular diseases... read more

Who Can Benefit From Neuroprotective Agents?

In fact, taking a neuroprotective drug can be beneficial for an individual of any age if it is correctly prescribed and selected. Here are some of the groups of people who would undoubtedly benefit from using a neuroprotective substance... read more